Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hmmm what do we have here?

Could these be some little offerings of good will and peace to all blog campers?

Oh I know you girls wish you could just shake them a little, or maybe take a wiff, but uh uh uh! tsk tsk!

BTW it took nearly a full hour of my time and a lot of cuss words to build what i think is a pretty good collage in the end.
See y'all on Friday! Muowww!
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  1. VERRRRRRY COOL collage! Kudos to your editing rock....

    Can't wait to play around with that stuff at blog camp......

  2. I think I'm a better editor than photographer which kinda bums me but hey it's the end result that counts right? I am about to bust with excitement!

  3. darsden, come on to blog camp then and you will receive the goodness of the baggy!