Saturday, September 5, 2009

Prezzies.... That's What I'm Talkin 'Bout

Ooooohh... Aaaahhhh... You know how we all love the prezzies. But lets back up...

The party was in full force Friday night when Ali finally made it in after a days worth of traveling. Seriously, four plane flights. She's a little nutty:

I have to admit I was a little worried when I first walked up to this blond woman and stood in front of her shooting pictures. It wasn't until she started laughing that I realized I had the right person! Luckily I didn't get shot. Or forked.

After introductions were made and hugs were passed out we headed out to Olive Garden for a late dinner. Then, on to Sara's for the Official Opening of Prezzies...

Sara gave us fabulous bracelets that she made out of Dutch coins... so we could feel a connection to Blog Campers in Denmark.

Then Shannon gave us moleskin books in which to keep our deepest darkest secrets, or blogging ideas. She also made us necklaces with the Blog Camp logo (and sent some to Denmark too! She's so cool). Check out her site, there's a wonderful picture of us with our necklaces on.

Next came Ali and her bundle of gifts... Notecards, chocolate, and a t-shirt from ...(wait for it)... Thomasville, Georgia!
Then came the gifts from yours truly, something that every Blog Camper needs: a tiara and ax repellent.
The following day we lost a blogger (Shannon had to go home), but we also gained a blogger: Zena aka Schmecky. Yep, no piranha face this morning... Go check out her blog and give her some validation!
    Check back later for more blog camp news!!