Sunday, September 6, 2009

10 Things

1. Ali has a very colourful vocabulary (ex: Fukadoodledoo, there's snot on the window! It may be from one of the children!)

2. None of us gets anywhere on time but it's her fault, not mine.

3. We will break for refreshment (*someone* had a beer with her biscuits and gravy).

4. Random people will gladly take your picture if you smile and bat your eyes a little bit.

5. We are just like our blogs, but not... (though in a good way).

6. We are freaks and geeks (some of each and some are both).

7. Everyone loves Laura, our "other mother" (rxBambi's original mama).

8. Be careful what you ask for, you may get it quickly. (she did ask me to pull over but she said "I brought a change of sandals, but I should have brought a change of panties")

9. Moths and bees are cause for public screaming and inspire fear in the hearts of (some) stoic blog campers.

10. Eric does dishes too. Every Blog Camp should have an "Eric the Wonderful". Vikings. Who knew?


  1. Your foot picture came out better than ANY of mine! YOu Rock again! The random picture taker guy was kind of cute.....I liked his hat! I think we'll be quoting McGillicutty for many blog camps to come.....I actually have a shot of one of the bees where I think it's staring me back in the face....seriously......


  2. Oh what a wonderful time was had by all and there's always reason to be alarmed when moths are in an elevator!!! ....and someone blows on them!!!

  3. love to photo and the list, thanks for playing girls.. wish i was there with you... next time :)

  4. Hey. You can die from yellow jackets and hornets and crap. It's not my fault I scream like a little girl. So pfffth.