Saturday, September 12, 2009

They are a special occasion

I had bought a bottle of champagne vodka back in February but didn't want to open it without company and end up wasting most of it (letting the bubbles out and all). So I saved it for a special occasion and what do you know? Blog Camp was indeed special! I'm so glad that all four of these ladies came to Reno for the weekend.

What I found most striking was that I felt like I knew all of these women already though their blogs, that they felt like friends, but that I didn't know any of the little details that every friend would know. I had gleaned so many important details and insights but not the small things that a face to face friendship would have told me. I am so glad that I could fill in the pieces and that these bright and fun women are now also part of my "real world" friends.


  1. I am so honored to have been part of it and to have tasted this lovely concoction!!! I am saving my Nuvo for something special too!!!

  2. Maybe I've had too much wine, but I didn't realize it was called Nuvo. And we are a circle of friends. That of course brings me to Nuvaring. The birth control. LMDAO!

    sorry, spent the day at a winery with my hubs. Making up and drinking wine and I'm in a pretty good mood. Especially now that I've got Nuvaring on my mind :)

  3. What a wonderful occasion to crack open a bottle, or two, or three................