Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting started

Okay, I have confirmations in and there are 3 attendees coming thus far (2 sleeping at my house) which means that there is room for 2 more people. Sept 4-7, exact arrival and departure time being up to you.

What should be expected of blog camp? Well, in the tradition of the one and only original Blog Camp I would say PJs and blogging and laughing are at the top of the list. Also we can connect to Blog Camp 2.0 in Denmark for simultaneous fun. I think tiaras are also needed.

Do we want to leave the house at all? Well, that will be left entirely up to you campers. There are a couple places around here that would be fun to play seeing as my back yard is still just dirt but I'm also quite happy to stay in my PJs all weekend (hmm... PJs in the real world would be funny...). Yes, I am the bad homeowner who hasn't landscaped yet and still just has dirt out back...

Regardless, I'm sure we'll have fun and laugh and blog. So much to get ready...

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