Friday, August 14, 2009

Things I know about Reno....


Gorgeous hubby was stationed there for a short while when he was a sailor boy.

Lake Tahoe is near by; and astonishingly beautiful so I gather.

Sara lives there and is taller than a tall person on a tall day.

Bambi's mom lives there and has a cat ready for the cookin'.

There are casino's and stuff... like an itty bitty Vegas.

What happens in blog camp stays in blog camp.

I couldn't be any more excited about it if you freakin' paid me dude!!!!!


  1. Hmmm...

    The sky is blue at least part of the day almost every day of the year (350+?)

    We're in a desert but very close to trees (Tahoe, etc) so we can get our green fix.

    Reno is a tourist destination so almost every weekend in the summer is an event (Hot August Nights, the Rib Cook-Off (labor day), Street Vibrations, etc).

    I'm still not used to being able to buy liquor in the grocery stores and gas stations. In Oregon it's only sold in special state run stores (except wine and beer).

    The Grand Sierra Resort has a 185' tall swing that is AWESOME if you can stomach going on it. I love it but have yet to be the person who pulls the cord to get it started (a little scared of that yet).

  2. One of the best things about Reno is the weather, like Sara said.

    One of the worst things about Reno is that there is no Fry's Electronics here. Sacramento is only about two hours away, though, and there are two Fry's there. So it's not a HUGE deal... ;-)

    Lake Tahoe is definitely beautiful. It's an enormous mountain lake that is meticulously maintained to keep the water blue and the beaches clean.

    Sara, you should take the bloggers out to Diamond Jack's, or if you want to push it a bit further, the Bunny Ranch. You know, to see some of Nevada's historical heritage. :-P

  3. DO NOT COOK MY MOTHERS CAT!! Good GOD woman! Are you bonkers??? Do I NEED to bring my AXE?

    It's also butt-chillin cold in the spring. I'll never forget getting the girls ready for school one day (preschool and kindergarten) and #5 (who was then #1) says "Mommy! It's BLUSTERY out today!"
    Yeah, my kid has always been cool.

    Don't cook the damn cat.

  4. Do I have to chaperone? I wish I could! But mom, my hubby, and Bambi's hubby all said I shouldn't come to Reno while Bambi's in Reno. Something about coming when I'm needed. (seems to me that Bambi is keeping something from her hubby. hmmm)

  5. so... anymore room???
    I'm contemplating....

  6. There is room for 2 more right now. We'd love to have you!