Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A nearby pretty spot

This pretty little marsh is about 3 blocks from the house. There's a walkway that goes up one side (you can see it along the back) and there are usually birds hanging around trying to catch a teeny fish or two. Yes, the hills fail to be green but I think the sky makes up for that.


  1. When I first moved to Reno waaaaay back when, I thought the mountains were ugly cuz they weren't full of huge green trees. I quickly realized I was wrong. It is so beautiful there. I can't wait to get there. I miss the mountains more than anything (ok, other than my mommy -- I miss her a lot too). It's one thing I hate about living in the midwest, it's all flat. Boo.

  2. Flat, flaaat, you ain't ever seen flat 'til you set foot in South GA and Florida!!!! Girl...it's so flat the sun never rises or sets it just dances around the outside a little!!!!

    Don't you love I can be such a Southerner when I want to be!! hahahaha

  3. McG,
    I have family in Newnan, GA....I visit every other year...or more often when I can....where are you?


  4. I am in Thomasville, GA..it's the southwest corner of the state about thirty miles north of tallahassee. I've heard of Newnan but don't know where it is???

  5. I used to live in GA, Roswell and Alpharetta specifically. Coming from Reno, that place was quite flat. Not quite as flat as Indiana, but for someone used to the mountains it was just weird.

    Here's something really nice about Reno: We are surrounded by mountains so when you are driving at sunrise or sunset, the sun doesn't blind you from just above the horizon.

    I do miss the thuderstorms though. People here have NO idea what a real thunderstorm is like. My first GA thunderstorm had me terrified that a land-based hurricane had somehow formed over Roswell... :)

  6. that is a near by purdy spot for sure lovely