Thursday, August 13, 2009

Only two short days ago I ordered this....

Yaaayyyy! My Blog Camp t-shirt has arrived! whooo hoooooo! This only adds to the excitement....and inspired me to finish up on blog camp pressies!

You see that even Texas, the heartbeat at my feet was excited about the arrival of my shirt, he was inching his way closer and closer, so as to contribute some of his hair to the shirt!

It is evening where I am, I wonder if anyone has 'arrived' at Blog Camp 1.5 yet?


  1. Dang, I ordered mine yesterday, but didn't know I could have added McGillicutty to the thing!!!!

  2. I didn't add rxBambi either...
    Oh well. Did you use your promo code from AOH??

  3. the promo I rec'd at the time of my order only covers free shipping off an order of $50 or more, but, today, with my t-shirt a coupon came...I think you can use it, here's the promo code:
    SUMMER5OFF45 enter this code at check out, it gets you $5 off of your order!

    If you already ordered, maybe you could call and cancel and get your names on your shirt and use the promo code!

    (I only got the idea to put my name on because I saw Spud had put her's on her shirt for BC 1.5)

  4. I'm going to order mine tomorrow. I know some of the girls mentioned from the first Blog Camp that the shirts were smaller than they thought. Did it fit like you expected? I'm worried about ordering the wrong size.

    Can't wait to hear about BC 1.5!

  5. I ordered the casual t-shirt (organic I think is what they called it) and it seems like it might be big, but, it's 100% cotton, so, I suspect it will shrink up enough.