Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten Days and Counting.....

OK the ticker at the top of my Inner Ramblings site tells me we only have ten days until Blog Camp.... yay!!! The excitement is building, anticipation at meeting my online friends, the thrill of flying plum near all the way across the country and the pure joy of visiting previously uncharted territory.... for McGilly anyway!!!!!

The mornings here in GA are getting cooler, somehow I know it's damn near freezing in the mornings over there, right????? What to pack? What to pack? Clean nickers, Nikon and a bottle of wine should do it. Lord, what if I can't lose 40 lbs before I get there???????? that's what, 4 lbs a day from now until next Friday....I can do it, I can do it.... if I dismember a hand or foot that would help... no it wouldn't, then how would I get around Lake Tahoe??? or take pictures??? or hold my wine glass?????

Shheeeessshhhh..... there's a lot to this camping lark!!!!!


  1. Don't worry, I won't lose the 40 by then either. :)

    The nights here have been cooler, but cooler than bloody hot is still warm. It's generally been warm (no sweater) by even 8:30 each morning. I suggest a sweater just in case but I haven't touched my coat in months. Currently the weather report is predicting 80-85 in the day and 50-55 lows.

    I can't promise yet but I'm trying to have an actual back yard before everyone gets here. As opposed to dirt. :) It would make sitting on the patio a little more pleasant.

  2. Oh my I have not heard of this blog camp... must find out more. Congrats on your up coming camp! Enjoy, YOU look fabulous don't worry!

  3. Sara... have you looked at the long range forecast... it's supposed to rain on that Sat!!! Isn't that freakin' typical for me!! Sorry I take shitty weather wherever I go... even to places where it never rains!!!!!!!!!

  4. Some of the sites say sunny like this one: http://www.weather.com/outlook/driving/interstate/tenday/89521?from=36hr_topnav_driving so we may be okay.

    Anyways, raining while it's 80ish degrees here is actually quite pleasant!

  5. Even if it is raining....we'll still have each other's company and we can just hunker down for the rain and hang out in our jammies....you know, braid each other's hair, paint our toe nails, tell ghost stories.....drink copious amounts of wine and or coffee, etc.....