Sunday, August 30, 2009

Only four days 'til BLOG CAMP RENO ! ! ! ! !

to self: "must make list of 'stuff' for my trip to Reno......laptop, blog camp t-shirt, fake Chuck's, camera, these items are essential, of course.  Getting the prezzies wrapped......(cleaning up my pedicure....who am I kidding, it's not even a pedicure, I should just remove the remaining polish that is already chipped away....)  Got to get the car an oil change, check tire pressure....get car washed, as it looks like I live in the Australian least get the interior vacuumed out.  Color my hair....oh, yeah, must get rid of skunk stripe.....go to storage unit at the Ranch and fish out my suitcase, although, I could just use the Costco bags like I did last time I went on an extended road Sara for map directions to her house.........compile another list about timeframes, 'do laundry, this day' - 'take car for oil change, this day' - 'wrap prezzies, this day'.....oh, I'm really getting excited......I of course will over pack, good thing I'm driving, I can completely fill my trunk with necessary items....."
Did I just ramble all of that stuff outloud?  I hope not, maybe I just thought it really loud?


  1. Dang it I wish I was driving so I could cram all kinds o' crap in my trusty Jeep!!! I don't even know if my carrier charges for checked luggage. I s'pose I'd better find out before Fri.
    I have a plan too... leave it all 'til Thurs night and have a major panic attack.

  2. oh girls... if only...if only...
    you know i really tried to make it work... but just can't do it.. too many things happening that weekend. but i do have one request... have one extra glass of wine for me and "toak amooongst youselvesss" about me :)
    anyways, you guys have fun, and for me... there is always next time, and we want details later ;)

  3. awww Mari! I want you to come too! But I'll have a couple for you. So will Ali for sure! She's a drinker you know :)

    I'm worried my prezzies wont' be good enough. Oh what the hell, I'm worried I won't be good enough!

  4. marinik ~ Oh, we'll miss you! I think that means we'll be required to do a next time.

    rxBambi ~ I worry about that too but if we're all worried then I'm sure we'll all actually end up being thrilled. Promise we'll love you just as you are!

    My list of stuff includes an enormous pile of dirt in my driveway. I must move that. :) And wine shopping, and charging extra camera batteries, and keeping the house cleaned up with munchkins... Okay, so that last one is tough so I'll probably throw it under the beds on Thur. You won't look, right?

  5. I'm a nook and crannie looker! sorry always have been.

  6. Ok, but don't say you weren't warned. ;)

  7. I've been reading everyone's blogs from the beginning.....I already think you ladies rock, each one of you in your own special way....
    CANNOT wait to meet y'all in person.....

    I will not front yard used to be a sand box for the kids that lived the neighborhood cats use, your house is going to be a mansion to me......


  8. Seriously? You're in Reno? That's 8 hours from my house. *sob*

  9. I am still awake 'cos the excitment is getting too much, I may just collapse when i get there from sheer exaustion from all this anticipation